Dear friends and colleagues in sports,

ABWF has been enjoying a steady and constructive development for more than 11 years now. Over this period, sports in Asia and Belt-Wrestling in particular have seen remarkable growth, but at the same time have also faced challenges. The ABWF has members spreading throughout the continent, dedicated to the promotion and development of the sport in their respective countries.

Despite the fact that belt-wrestling is one of the lesser known sports and there is almost no awareness of the game within grand society, this does not at all imply that this sport is less professional or less worthy.

Throughout the years, belt wrestling has made quite an evolution. . As the word more or less reveals, the purpose here is to bring your competitor down on the mat by pulling on his or her belt. Belt wrestling is seen by many people as being very similar to judo. They also work for example with weight categories and the clothing is more or less alike. Nonetheless it should be noticed that there are of course other aspects inherent to this sport.

The ABWF is keen to preserve the uniqueness of the sport whilst simultaneously increasing interest in the game. Our objective is to intensify the relationship between the Federation, its members and its athletes. We shall seek new grounds for collaboration and new themes to develop together and therefore, increase our mutual support so that by working side by side and standing united, all stakeholders of our sport can make the most of its unique and valuable diversity.

Over the years we have organized Annual Championships where a large number of players, coaches and referees from various backgrounds are provided with a place and opportunity to meet and share their experiences and ideas. The success of these championships has regularly increased with time, which goes to show how dynamic the Federation’s members are in putting themselves forward for the organization of these events. We have always endeavored to satisfy the athletes’ aspirations by regularly promoting innovative sport disciplines such as Belt Wrestling and aim to retain the spirit of play and encourage the development of an open and curious mind among the athletes.

Khalil A. Khan

President ABWF