Championships held under the umbrella of the ABWF and the IBWA are mentioned below;


1.1st Asian Championship 2006 -Almaty-Kazakhstan

2.2nd Asian Championship 2008- Bishkek _Kyrgzstan 

3.3rd Asian Championship 2009- Tashkent- Uzbekistan

4.4th Asian Championship 2010- Tehran- Iran

5.5th Asian Championship 2011- Kish island- Iran

6.6th Asian Championship 2013- Kish island- Iran

7.7th Open Asian Championship 2014- Istanbul- Turkey


8elt Wrestling is a form of wrestling that is one of the oldest historically recorded sports. It involves contestants aiming to knock each other over by grappling with a belt. Every country has its own kind of struggle. Originally, wrestling was intended as a means of survival for ancient civilizations.

Belt wrestling does not have any national boundaries. It is unique, and gathering more and more fans. The circle of contestants is widening considerably. This is a spectacular and democratic sport and one that does not require much financial expenditure.

Several years ago, very few people knew anything about belt wrestling. However, with time it is being recognised and helping the continental and international federations in achieving the ultimate goal – inclusion in the Olympic Games.

Belt wrestling is also one of the disciplines of the Worldwide Nomad Games.