In 2006, the Asian Ju-Jitsu and Belt Wrestling Federation  for two sports i.e. Ju-Jitsu and Belt Wrestling. The organization was formally recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia in 2007 at Almaty-Kazakhstan. AJJBWF conducted 1st Asian Martial Arts Games 2009 at Thailand for Ju-Jitsu as Medal Sports and 4th Asian Indoor Games 2009 at Vietnam for Ju-Jitsu & Belt Wrestling as Demonstration sports. The Sports of Ju-Jitsu was withdrawn by OCA in 2014, hence GA of AJJBWF under the chairmanship of its president Mr. Khalil Ahmed Khan unanimously decided to re-name the organization having new name "ABWF" and dropped the discipline of ju-jitsu to avoid any parallelism in sports. 





IBWA is an organisation that serves as an international platform for popularizing and developing traditional wrestling/ belt wrestling throughout the world irrespective of race and political followings. The Association takes part in the exchanging of know-how, knowledge, information and data referring to the traditional wrestling/ belt wrestling which, in turn, contributes to its development and popularization on local, national, regional and international levels.  

IBWA (International Belt Wrestling Association) is an officially registered international governmental body for belt wrestling sport. IBWA was re-registered in Moscow in April 2006 with the line of congress decision in September 2005 in Kazan, during the 4th Belt Wrestling World Championships. IBWA is associate member of IATWS (International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports)





Olympic Council of Asia has formally recognized the sports of Belt Wrestling in the year 2007 together with Ju-Jitsu under the umbrella of AJJBWF. However, the GA decided to change the name of the organization and re-named it as ABWF. Which is sole controlling body of sports belt wrestling in Asia duly accredited with OCA.