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President's Message.

Mr. Khalil A. Khan, President of Asian Belt-wrestling Federation.



Belt Wrestling

An Official Sports in  Asian Martial Arts under OCA. Belt Wrestling is developing under the ABWF.




ABWF in cooperation with the IBWA have organized many events and projects.

Anti Doping

Anti Doping Rules

Embrace the effort! Say No to Doping with IBWA and WADA.

The 2016 World Martial Art Masterships will be held at Cheongju - South Korea from 2nd to 8th September, 2016. Koreaeventlogo
Belt-Wrestling has officially been included in the said games. This will enable the athletes around world to show their
talent and skills. Belt-Wrestling has officially been included in the said games. This will enable the athletes around
world to show their talent and skills. The IBWA has announced that this event will be considered as the World Belt
Wrestling Championship 2016, that will also follow the IBWA General Assembly Meeting.


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The Asian Championship for Belt Wrestling and Turkmen National Goresh was held at the Olympic Village in Asghabat
- Turkmenistan from 25th June till 30th June 2016.  Asian Championship Action
The Championship was also followed by the Official Congress of the Asian Belt Wrestling Federation and the World Goresh Federation. The President of the ABWF Mr. Khalil A. Khan was also elected as the President of the Asian Goresh Federation. 


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5th Asian Indoor Martial Art Games 2017


The 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games will be held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, in 2017. This will be the first OCA Games to be held in the Central Asian country. The host city contract signing ceremony took place in Kuwait on December 19, 2010. The Belt-wrestling sports event will be controlled and supervised by the Asian Belt-wrestling Federation.

International ATWS


International Association for Traditional Wrestling Sports is the international body that supervises the wrestling activities in the world.

Olympic Council of Asia


Olympic Council of Asia is the only governing body to control sports in Asia.

International BWA


International Belt Wrestling Association is the only organization to control Belt Wrestling sport in the world, recognized by the OCA.